Given the high volume of betting options and potential of manual error, this type of mistake happens a few times annually at each operator but typically on a much smaller level. Therefore, it is rarely publicized and often is resolved directly with the consumer. Regardless, Nevada Revised Statutes Section 463.362 mandates all sportsbooks to report any discrepancy over $500.

ESPN spoke with two other Nevada sportsbook executives on the condition of anonymity. Each separately shared that a common protocol is to give the bettor two options. One is to refund the ticket(s) and be allowed to continue as a patron, or they receive the full winnings but are permanently banned from the sportsbook. Since the error usually represents a relatively small amount, the bettor often returns the wager and continues business.

U.S. sportsbooks only began offering wagering on international baseball during the coronavirus pandemic and American sports hiatus. The KBO typically starts all weekday games at 2:30 a.m., but weekend games begin slightly earlier. GVC protocol mandates the start time for each game in all sports be manually entered each day.